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PortfolioAl Fursan needed an online presence along with a system where they could sell their products. Keep track of their sales and accounts. The system we developed for them took care of all of these core aspects. Here are the core elements of their platform that we developed

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Not all of the internal features are mentioned

Online Presence
needed an online website to represent their business and brand
E-commerce platform
Along with a website they needed an e-commerce website to sell their physical goods
Inventory System
To keep track of which goods are sold and how many are left in the stock. We developed a system where they could sync the physical and digital counts of the items simultaneously
Marketing System
The inbuilt marketing system works with their existing store seamlessly. It keeps track of each and every buyer. They can send marketing and sales emails to them.
Coupon And Discounts System
To attain and regain the attention of existing clients we seamlessly integrated a coupon and discount codes system that they can use to bring old customer back and increase their sales quota.
Accounts System
Not a fully fledged but a small account dashboard where they can see their total sales, loss, and returns. This helps a store to keep everything in check

Tech Stack we used

Most of the features

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Advanced Technologies

Lightning Fast VPS Servers Configured & Deployed

To make sure the 100% uptime of the website. We deployed the virtual private servers with most efficient content delivery. So far we have not experienced any downtimes

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Our partnership with Al Fursan resulted in overall growth both online and offline. Instead of selling their products on a third-party network. They are able to sell on their own controlled network. They can set their own sales and marketing strategies. Their sales went up. The physical store is synced with the digital store. All of this wouldn’t have been possible if they didn’t had reliable technology to provide their support 24/7

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