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Developing Games For All Operating Systems & Screens
Integrated, in-house team of game developers for Android game development
The technical process for top-notch iOS game development that leads the APP Store.
Identical approach to iOS game development for iPhone, but custom tailored to fit the screen perfectly.
HTML 5 Games
Both WebGL and Canvas are core technologies used in HTML5 for creating complex games suited for browsers
Vimapps Games is a professional PC game development company with extensive knowledge and best practices in delivering services for games of all genres
Android TV
We can deploy the same games developed for PC or Mobile on either android TV or Apple TV. Perfectly fitting on big screen format
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We develop custom, high quality software solutions that empower businesses and help them to lead with automation. Our custom software development services empower our clients with the freedom to grow and scale at excellent rates

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Hyper Casual
A hyper-casual game is a mobile video game that is easy-to-play, and usually free to play. We have extensive experience in developing hyper-casual games
Mid Core
The concept behind mid-core games is to mix elements of casual and hardcore games and come up with something appealing to a wider audience. Hire Us!
Hybrid Casual

A hybrid-casual game is a mobile game with casual or hyper-casual game mechanics which are inspired by the elements and monetization standards of mid-core games. Let’s work together

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Custom Tailored Game Development Services

Empower your enterprise with an advanced, secure, user-friendly, and feature-rich web portal that will pave your way to business success. Hire our team for custom-tailored web portals for your enterprise

Custom Services

Game Design

Designs visually gorgeous wireframes to facilitate storyboarding of the games

Game Programming

We have dedicated programmers for Unity 3D that utilized C#


Specialist in creating stylized, semi-realistic & realistic 2D as well as 3D Animations

Level Design

We understand the art of creating fascinating levels to ensure higher user engagement & play times


Assembles smooth and outlined interactive designs fitting core gameplay


With Unity3D we create a layer of digital experience in our reality. We’re expert in ARCore & ARKit deployments

Our Tech Stack

Unity 3D
PHP Laravel
Node JS
Woo Commerce
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